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Convert All video to Audio

Thảo luận trong 'Multimedia' bắt đầu bởi poporang, 4/8/06.

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    Video to Audio Converter is an extremely easy-to-use tool to extract audio from MPEG, WMV, ASF, MPG and AVI to MP3, WAV, WMA and OGG format. You can extract audio from your video files to MP3s so you can listen them with your mp3 player. And you can also extract audio from video files to CD quality WAV files for burning your own audio CD (Assuming you have a CD-R). No quality is lost!

    Support fast batch conversion.

    Video to Audio Converter is with user-friendly-interface and extracting your audio files is just a button click away. Run stably on Windows 98/NT/Me/2K/XP/2003!

    How to Extract Audio from Video Files to MP3

    Video to Audio Converter supports extract audio from AVI, WMV, ASF, MPG and MPEG files to MP3 files.

    To convert to MP3, just do as below:

    1. Do your settings. You can set the parameters by yourself. Just click "Options" on the main menu, active the "MP3 Setting" page, then you can do your settings. If you are not satisfied with your setting and want to use default setting, just click 'Default' button. By default, Frequency is 44,100Hz, Channel is Stereo, Bitrate is 128kb, Quality is 0, VBR Bitrate is 128kb, VBR Quality is 0. Remember to click "Ok" button after your settings.

    2. Click "To MP3 ", select the video files you want to convert, then the conversion will begin. Multi-add is supported. You can add more than one file by pressing the Ctrl key while clicking the files or pressing the Shift key and using the arrows to select a range of files.


    1. After clicking "To MP3", if a message as "Don't support this MP3 format, please reset." appears, it because you have set high frequency and low bitrate or have set low frequency and high bitrate. For example, you have set to frequency 48KHz, bitrate 32Kbps. If so, please low the frequency or high the bitrate.

    2. VBR stands for "Variable Bit Rate". Using VBR will allow the sampler to vary the bit rate depending on the profile of the incoming audio signal.


    Editor Pick:

    If you want to burn your MP3 to DVD, just try DVDStanta

    Turns musics into 8-hour long music DVDs. Support major audio formats such as MP3/WMA/WAV/OGG/Real Audio... US$29.98 Only


    Video to Audio Features:

    * AVI To MP3, WMV To MP3, ASF To MP3, MPEG To MP3, MPG to MP3

    * AVI To Wma, WMV To Wma, ASF To Wma, MPEG To Wma

    * AVI To Wav, WMV To Wav, ASF To Wav, MPEG To Wav, MPG to Wav

    * AVI To Ogg, WMV To Ogg, ASF To Ogg, MPEG To Ogg, MPG to Ogg

    * Easy-to-use and fast batch conversion.

    Not one week. Not one month. Not even one year! Free updates... FOREVER!

    But you must act quick! This test to gauge the level of interest in such an offer. Download the full version of Video to Audio Converter now and spare yourself the need to pay for future updates, or for renewals when the time has elapsed!

    Unsure? Unconvinced? I understand. I'll also throw in FREE tech support!

    We have thousands of very happy users. Plus, there are options available to you. You can get Video to Audio Converter as an instant download (your registration key will be instantly emailed to you), or as a CD by postal mail. It's up to you!

    But if you're still not sure, try it out for FREE! A shareware version is available by clicking here, you can only record 60 seconds.

    "100% Satisfaction, Try It For A Full 30 Days Or Get Your Money Back GUARANTEE!"

    Get it. Install it. Use it for a full month. And if you feel I wasted your time and money, ask for your money back. It's no big deal. Just return the software (or confirm destruction), and I'll issue a prompt refund on the spot. No hard feelings. No questions asked.

    With my limited-time special where tech support and upgrades are FREE for registered users, my 30-day guarantee makes this offer impossible to pass up!


    1. Can Video to Audio Converter extract audio from VCD files?

    Yes, Video to Audio Converter can. Please choose the opendialog filter to "All Files (*.*)" and select the files you want to convert, then the conversion will begin.

    What's benefit after registering:

    1. Rip without time limitation!

    2. No annoying reminding Message !

    3. Get technology support free !

    Order information:

    Video to Audio Converter is a shareware. A user who want to use full-function requires registration. The registration fee only costs $19.95 US dollars.

    Once you register, we will send you registration code immediately and all newer versions will also registered to you.


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