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Logo Design Studio 2005

Thảo luận trong 'Phần mềm Thiết kế - Lập trình' bắt đầu bởi chuotni, 11/9/06.

  1. chuotni

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    Logo Design Studio 2005 full ISO

    Logo Design Studio is a full featured design tool to create custom logos for various uses. You can import your own graphics or start from scratch. The software includes a large library of high-resolution objects including spheres, signs, swooshes, shapes, images, flags, base elements, sports, alphabet art and industry-specific graphics, that can be customized and combined with your own creations. Logo Design Studio supports layers, shaped text, opacity adjustments, drop shadow effects, special effects and much more. Also included are several logo templates that you can use as a starting point for your own design. The program enables anyone to create professional looking logos without the learning curve or investment of high end graphic editors. Logo Design Studio can import and export in all popular formats including JPEG, TIFF, PNG, WMF, BMP, PDF and more.

    Install apply patch chose phone reg insert any details restart and up-date online no probs.

    After you have installed the program but before you open the program for the first time:

    1. Extract sscprot.ddl from the PHXiSO folder on the iso into YOUR system32 folder.

    2. The computer will ask you if you want to copy over the exsisting file. Click YES.

    3. Start the program. It will ask you for your:


    You can enter anything that you want for any of those fields.

    For the Cd Key I entered: 9547-0000

    For the Name I entered: aschelas

    For the Business I entered: ProjectW.org

    For the Email I entered: aschelas@Gmail.com

    4.Click ACTIVATE BY PHONE. The app will now display YOUR cd Key and ask you to call the company to verify it. Don't do that.

    5. Where The app asks for the activation code enter ANY BOGUS RANDOM NUMBERS untill the fields are filled up.

    I entered: 5543-2576-7896-7535-6456-2345

    6. Click ENTER.

    You're now done pirating this app

    Congrats you naughty bastardz!
  2. buidinhdacht

    buidinhdacht New Member

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  3. tuyenc88

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    link die rồi bạn ơi!phiền bạn check lại giùm nha!
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