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NTWind WindowSpace v1.0.3

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    NTWind WindowSpace v1.0.3

    WindowSpace is a powerful desktop enhancement utility for Windows OS.

    Once installed, it allows you to manipulate windows in many new amazing ways – snap windows to the screen edges and other windows,

    move and resize them with keyboard shortcuts, maximize vertically or horizontally, pin on top of the other windows,

    hide from view, minimize to tray, and it’s just the beginning! Most of the actions can be triggered with the hotkeys,

    some by selecting the corresponding options from the window menu.

    New window actions give extra comfort to the owners of large monitors,

    widescreens, multi-monitor systems, and the users who have to multitask in many applications but have a limited desktop space.

    Main features:

    - Snap windows to edges & other windows

    - Move and resize windows with the keyboard

    - Maximize windows vertically or horizontally

    - Set windows ‘Always On Top’

    - Minimize To Tray + Hide Window

    - Cascade, tile and close all windows

    - New options in window menu

    - Re-program window title buttons

    Version 1.0.3

    - New interface languages: Finnish, German, Italian, Russian

    - Fixed size of some controls to fit non-English words

    - Fixed "snap to edge" for tool-style windows (f.e. Miranda)

    - Some other minor improvements

    OC: Windows 2000/XP/Vista

    download here ;
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