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ProxyWay Evolution 5.0 (free edition) - Công cụ giúp bạn ẩn IP

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    ProxyWay Evolution 5.0 (free edition)


    Internet is full of potential risk to your privacy and security. Every time you surf the web you leave traces of your Internet activity. That can reveal your real-life identity and expose you to hackers, identity thieves and spammers so they can monitor your browsing habits and activities, spy upon you, steal personal information and exploit security holes in your system to cause damage to your computer.

    ProxyWay Free proxy server software (proxy freeware) which you use together with web applications (web browsers, Instant Messengers, Internet Relay Chat (IRC), etc.) to ensure your anonymity. Using ProxyWay you can search proxys (proxys finder); check proxys (proxys checker) - multithreading proxys checking, check proxy servers for proxy speed, proxy anonymity, proxy type (HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS), proxy location; create proxy chains, work with CGI proxies. ProxyWay shields your current connection when you visit web sites, download files, or use web-based e-mail accounts.


    IP address (Internet Protocol address) is your Internet identification number. Everyone has an IP address to communicate on the Internet. Your computer's IP address is comparable to your home address or your Social Security number. If someone get your IP address, they can use the information to identify your country, city, internet provider and even physical address. Your IP address is left in logs all around the Internet: in the logs at your ISP, at the routers of your requests and finally the destination of your request. Anonymous surfing can help access web sites that may be restricted for users from certain countries or geographical regions

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